August 7, 2020
Lips care

Lips Care

Looking attractive helps you feel happy. pink Lips on your face attract more. To take care of them you have to build some healthy habits and Lips Care

Lips define our expressions, speech, eat, how we drink, and more. These movements lead to wrinkles very quickly.

  • Dark lips

Lips can darken due to many factors like low blood circulation, stress, drugs, smoking, excessive exposure to sunlight and dust, allergy and a lot more. To prevent lips darken apply a layer of a sun-protective product like lip moisturizer SPF 15.

  • Dry lips

Don’t make your lips matte forever. Matte lipsticks can be extremely drying souse alternate of them with hydrating lipsticks like vitamin E or glycerin.

One of the most common causes of dry lips is not drinking enough water. Dry and chapped lips bleed often so keep them hydrated.

Cover your lips with scarf or mask when going outside in sun exposure or humidity.

Stop licking lips. Every time you lick the lips, you put saliva on them which contain chemicals.

  • Wrinkles around the lips

Wrinkles can be caused by age, sun exposure, smoking and dehydration. These wrinkles should be treated with creams containing anti-ageing ingredients or some home remedies. Vitamin C and E have anti-ageing properties.

Almond oil, jojoba oil and lavender oil is good for wrinkles around the lips.

  • Peeling lips

This could be an allergic reaction of a lipstick, ChapStick, toothpaste, food, beverage or medication. Keep your lips hydrated with balm or stick and apply any homemade scrub daily. Drink enough water.

How to get soft smooth lips?

  • Wipe makeup:

If you have some makeup on your lips, take it off with a soft makeup removal wipe. This will reduce irritation.

  • Exfoliation:

Exfoliation is the key to getting soft, smooth and silky lips because it removes the dead skin from the lips. Before you go to bed at night apply a good quality lip balm. After waking up use Chap Stick or lipstick with vitamin E.

  • Use vitamin E

Eating capsules of vitamin E can heal your skin internally. For topical use simply cut one and apply the product to your lips. Vitamin E boosts hydrations and lightens the skin tone.

  • Check your beauty products

Beauty products containing shear butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil give protection from heat and pollution. But other ingredients like camphor can dry out your lips.

  • Aloe Vera and Honey

Aloe Vera has soothing and healing properties, helping lips to look beautiful and stimulates the growth of new skin cells. You can purchase aloe Vera gel from the market or cut a leaf from a plant in your home.

Mix aloe Vera and honey in a bowl and make a scrub for lips. Honey is a natural moisturizer that can soften your lips.

  • Berry-based lip scrub

Strawberries and blueberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, which nourish the lip skin.

Crush the strawberry or blueberry and add it in some honey and olive oil. Feel free to experiment to get soft lips.

  • Honey sugar scrub

You can use a yummy honey and sugar scrub to give your lips soothing texture. This scrub is very gentle, making it soft and fresh to the tender skin of your lips. This scrub will exfoliate dead skin of lips efficiently.

  • Pomegranate seeds and milk

Crush some pomegranate seeds and mix with milk. Apply this paste on your lips for 15 minutes then massage for 2-3 minutes and wash with water.

Pomegranate works great for darker lips. It contains a compound which prevents the production of melanin.

  • Lemon and sugar

Lemon is the most natural bleaching agent and sugar helps to remove all dead skin cells. The citric acid in lemon juice makes the dark shade of skin lightening.

  • Beetroot

Beetroot works to clear up pigmentation and dark tone of your lips. Besides being natural, it’s also non-chemical and inexpensive. So, why not beetroot for pink lips.

Extract the juice ofbeetroot and mix it with honey, olive oil, almond oil or any cream. Leave for overnight and your lips will be healthy pink.

  • Beeswax

Beeswax naturally keeps the surface of lips moisture. It doesn’t cause pores a clog. It relieves itching, irritation and discomfort. It has a naturally sweet smell and taste which obviously feels fresh.

Keep in Mind

  • Stop licking your lips because licking can damage the protective barrier. Saliva can make the lips dark, chapped and dry.
  • As a lip brightener use fresh mint juice mixed with lemon juice and honey.
  • Some foods such as citrus and salty food can irritate you so avoid them if your lips are cracked.
  • If you consistently suffer from dryness, consider testing your toothpaste as some toothpastes contain chemicals that can irritate you. 
  • Remember putting Vaseline Petroleum Jelly on upper lips can tan the skin in sun exposure.

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