August 5, 2020
healthy body-healthy mind

Healthy Body and Healthy Mind

The word “health” means a complete emotional and physical well-being. Healthy body and mind are all about making the right choices. The idea of feeling joy and being happy has health implications in every aspect of your life.

  • How can get a healthy body and mind?

Factors for good health include genetics, environment, relationships and education. Nothing in this universe is without a worth and this is what we should do for. Nature has so much for us which can benefit us in different ways. After years and years of research, people are beginning to pay more attention to the natural lifestyle so that the root of the illness could be treated rather than the illness itself. Remember it is not possible to have a healthy mind if the body is not healthy.

  • Healthy diet

Maintaining a healthy diet free from processed food can help a person to stay healthy. Plant-based foods contain fibre which is the most important element of healthful diet to maintain weight. Losing weight can help to reduce the risk of many chronic conditions like heart disease, diabetics, poor bone density and cancer.

Eat a variety of whole vegetables and fruits lower in calories and rich in vitamins, minerals and macro-nutrients. Replace processed and saturated with unsaturated food. Reduce salt and sugar intake. Keep on eye the calorie intake and control the portion size. Always eat in small portions 4-6.

Drink plenty of water, it helps to maintain or improve overall health. Add nuts and dried fruits to your diet especially in breakfast for a powerful start.

  • Exercise / Meditation

Moving your body or exercising at least 4 times a week is very essential to keep fit physically as well as mentally. 15-30 minutes of exercise increases the metabolism of the body, lowers blood pressure, reduces stress and anxiety and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Meditation means focusing on something that relaxes your brain to stay healthy mind.

  •  Sleep well

A restful sleep of 6-8 hours refreshes the mind, boosts the immune system, releases stress and delays the ageing process of mind and body as well. To get mental stimulation to get a peaceful sleep.

  • Laughing out louder

Laughter may be one of the most basic emotional responses that impact on our mental health. A pure laugh can decrease the stress and tension and energises the mind, it is a natural pain killer.

  • Positive Attitude

This can work amazing for your health and kill all the negativity around you. It can increase your lifespan, fight against depression, anxiety and stress and auxiliary in psychological well-being.

  • Step forward

To stay healthy you need to work regularly, so add small steps in your daily life for a healthy body and mind as small steps reveal more steps.

  • The Connection between mind and body

Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitude can positively or negatively affect our body. To build healthy habits improve your mental and physical well-being.

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