August 7, 2020

Easy Home Made waffle recipe for waffle makers

A dish made from leavened batter or dough is known as a waffle. It is cooked between two plates that are used to give a specific size, shape and surface pattern to waffle. There is a large number of varieties based on waffle iron and recipe used. A variety of waffles in North America, which has comparatively lighter batter and larger squares are ordinarily known as American waffles. In Belgian waffles originally yeast is used to make waffles but nowadays baking powder is often used to make it. They are also light and airy from inside. 


How to Serve Waffles?

Waffles are taken as breakfast food and served with vanilla ice cream or fresh fruit along with powdered sugar, syrup and sometimes whipped cream.  Waffles are basically started from France and Belgium. Their main ingredients are Batter and Dough which are enriched with calories.

Belgian Waffles 

Waffles are of many types and are known with different names including Belgian waffles, Homemade waffles, and protein waffles, etc. We are here with the recipe for these waffles. This recipe can be followed at home and comprised of very simple steps. 

Waffle Recipe

  • Take 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • Add one tablespoon sugar in it
  • Mix two teaspoons baking powder
  • Add half teaspoon salt
  • Add 3 large eggs separately 
  • Add two cups of milk
  • The fourth part of teaspoon canola oil.

Waffle Syrup Preparation 

  • Take one cup of sugar
  • Add one Half cup light corn syrup in the sugar
  • Mix one over the fourth part of teaspoon cup water in the above mixture
  • Then add one Can evaporate milk
  • Add one teaspoon vanilla extract in it
  • Mix Half teaspoon ground cinnamon in the above components and your syrup is ready. 

How to follow the Recipe?

  • Take a bowl, mix the flour, sugar, powder, and salt in it. Then add the yolks of eggs, oil, and milk and stir until whole powder, sugar, and flour get moisture. In another bowl, beat the whited of eggs until stiff peaks form and then fold it into the batter. Now it’s time to bake it in a preheated iron according to the direction of the manufacturer. 
  • To make syrup, mix sugar, corn syrup and water in a saucepan. Boil this mixture over medium heat and cook it for almost two minutes and stop cooking when it gets thickened. Remove it from the heat and mix vanilla in it. It is ready to serve with waffles. Serve with waffles immediately along with butter, syrup, sugar or any other favourite toppings.

Nutrients in Waffles

One waffle with two and a half teaspoons of syrup contains almost 424 calories along with 12 grams of fat (4 grams saturated and 8 gram unsaturated), 94 milligrams of cholesterol and 71 grams of carbohydrates (Sugars).

One waffle contains almost 9 grams of protein along with 1 gram of fibre and 344 milligrams of Sodium(metal). 

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